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To reach out to the world and touch every
person with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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Christ Worship Centre is a worshipping church – whose people come together to meet and worship Him, who know God is always in their midst and who bow down before him in great humility, who regularly frequent the table of the Lord Jesus, to celebrate His mighty act of redemption on the cross, who enrich the worship with their musical skills, who believe in prayer and lay hold of God in prayer. Whose worship is expressed not only in Sunday services and prayer gatherings but also in their homes, their weekday work and the common things of life.



My name is Jennifer Verbree and I’m the worship pastor of Christ Worship Centre. I’m so glad you have taken the time to look at our website. Here you will find why we worship and how we worship God at CWC. Enjoy reading and I hope to meet you soon at one of our Sunday worship services!




We love to see children enjoy coming to church and learning about God in a passionate way.

Doing interactive games, activities and letting the children dance and perform on worship music we let them experience how to love God in different ways. We teach them that you can have a real and active relationship with God. Every three months we have a special sunday  for the children called HAPPY HOUR. This sunday is FOR and ABOUT the children.



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