Christ Worship Centre
‘people are our heart and Jesus is our message’

Who we are


Christ Worship Center and is a dynamic and contemporary church. A church where people gather to meet and worship God.


 We find it important to build relationships, grow together in the faith and that this has an effect on our daily lives and that of others. Worship is a lifestyle and that is why it is important at Christ Worship Center and not just during the Sunday celebrations.

In our ‘celebrations’ we worship God with modern English songs led by the worship team and we are encouraged by an inspiring and relevant sermon from God's Word - the Bible - by the pastors, speakers of Christ Worship Center and guest speakers. At the end of each celebration, it is time to meet, to talk to each other and to meet new people.


Christ Worship Center is a church where everyone feels safe and where young and old can continue to develop and be helped to find their destiny. Children are important at Christ Worship Center (CWC-Kids). We want them to have a great Sunday morning experience too. CWC-Kids is a place where children have fun, learn about the faith and make new friends.

Our vision

Christ Worship Center is a family church in which Jesus is central. We believe that an encounter with Jesus changes lives forever and that worship is a lifestyle.

Our mission

We love people and want them to believe in Jesus, become a follower of Him and reach their destiny in life.

As believers, we know that our perspective on life is not governed by our circumstances but is centered on a Person, Jesus, who has said that He is the same today, yesterday and forever. Anyone who builds his faith in Him will never be disappointed. That is the perspective for every believer, for every church. As the Apostle Paul said when he was bound in prison: You can chain me, but you can never chain the Gospel! From this perspective, we still have vision for us as a local church. We will not allow ourselves to be held hostage or silenced by any circumstance. That is why we as Christ Worship Center have a vision and we continue to spread the Gospel.

vision 2023

Proverbs 29:18
‘If there is no vision, a people becomes unhinged, but blessed is he who keeps the law’. 

‘Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom’s instruction’. (NIV)
‘Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law’.(ESV)
Before we look at the Vision for 2023, it is important to place it in the context of the annual themes of 2021 and 2022. We can then see the line, the direction we experience as the guidance of the Lord.
Who remembers the 2021 annual theme? .................... Annual theme 2021: ‘Awakening’. (waking up/awareness).
A spiritual awakening/awareness goes beyond a revival and affects society.
We have said that God wants to do new things in 2021. Not only within CWC but also in our living environment. But it always starts with ourselves first!
Year theme 2022 was the word “Revival” – “Revival”
Revival brings believing people who believe and in a state of lukewarmness and apathy are back to a vibrant life for and with God. The Apostle John writes in the book of Revelation to the church in Laodicea that they are neither hot nor cold. They are lukewarm/- lukewarm Christians.
I heard the following from a preacher. If you walk in a supermarket you will see certain offers: seedless tangerines, seedless grapes.
But...... do you know that there are also seedless Christians? (Lukewarm Christians). Jesus doesn't joke with such seedless/lukewarm Christians. He says He even spits them out!
Revelation 3:16 (Context Revelation 3:14-22 )
Paul awakens Christians in Rome. Never be lacking in zeal but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the lord. Romans 12:11 (NIV)
(TPT) Be enthusiastic to serve the Lord, keeping your passion toward him boiling hot! Radiate with the glow of the Holy Spirit and let him fill you with excitement as you serve him.
My prayer for 2022 was therefore: ‘Fill this house (Christ Worship Centre) with Your cloud of glory and give us a revival’.
Now we go to the year theme of 2023
God can speak to you in many ways. Last year while going from my sitting room to the kitchen I heard God whisper the word ‘Breaktrough’- ‘Breakthrough’ in my ear. I knew right away that this had to be the new year theme for 2023. Later I came across a song via Youtube and for me that was the Theme song for 2023: ’Breakthrough Miracle Power’.
The song speaks of: that if it seems that all odds are against you, and that it seems that these surround you. Know that the name of God who split the waters can change the tide in your life. Every mountain that stands before you can be taken away through the name of God. That only happens through His Breakthrough Miracle Power!
Ultimately, the Year Theme 2023 is: ‘Breakthrough Miracle Power’
I believe with all my heart that in 2023 God will give breakthroughs in all kinds of areas of our personal lives, as well as church life. I feel strongly that the door that is slightly open  is now opening completely so that you can break your barrier through that door! I would like to go with you to an event in the New Testament that I was strongly determined when I received the annual theme. A familiar part for most of us.
Mark 2:1-13 Jesus heals a paralytic
Jesus links his Deity in this section by being able to forgive sins to His speech:
“I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.” (NIV). And right away the paralyzed got up! Now the mass of people went aside for him so that he could walk out now. Everyone was beside themselves and glorified God and said, We have never seen anything like this.
This concerns the physical healing linked to the inner healing (forgiveness of sins). That's just what God can do.
We are now seeing a shift from the paralyzed man’s and friends emphasis to someone else. Ultimately, the whole story revolves around the Deity of Jesus. He is the one who brings healing to spirit, soul and body! He is the one who can make a breakthrough in our lives, church life.
Don't give up, your Breaktrough Miracle Power is on its way! The four friends didn't give up either. Their faith, when they couldn't get through the crowd, said right through the roof. But we must come to Jesus for our breakthrough. Whatever it costs us!
Some important points for 2023 is that we have Prayer meetings every Tuesday - ‘Breaktrough Miracle Power Prayer meetings’.
The last Tuesday of each month we have ‘Breakthrough Miracle Power Worship meeting in combination with the Lord's Supper’.
We will focus on the breakthroughs we need individually as a church. A prayer request for the church is the need of a lot of staff for all church departments.
Education is also important for 2023 – We started again with our Alpha course and the Next Steps (February 6) and Youth Alpha (Friday evening, February 10).
In spring and autumn, we (Pastors James & Gaby) will give a seminar on what the Bible teaches us about parenting in the broadest sense of the word. It is a seminar that is very interesting for everyone. These seminars are held on Saturdays. Further information on this will follow.
Biblical teaching is of spiritual vital importance!
Our part Mark 2:13 therefore ends with: He (Jesus) taught them.
Saturday, May 13, we will host a Ladies Night instead of a Ladies Day. Here too we look forward to breakthroughs in the lives of the women  who will come.
There are more developments going on this year, but we will develop that along the way and keep you informed of this.

But.... above all, we look forward to a breakthrough of both spiritual growth and numbers!
As a Christ Worship Centre, we look forward to a breakthrough in ‘Church Growth!’
Remember: ‘Your Breaktrough Miracle Power is on its way!’

Pastor James and Gaby Worthington

Our culture

  • Culture of Love - Jesus' love is for all people. Our heart beats for ALL people. The goal of Christ Worship Center is to show God's love to those who don't know God yet.
  • Culture of worship - Worship is more than singing a song. At Christ Worship Center we believe that Worship is a lifestyle. It is about a personal relationship with Jesus and that He is seen and adored by our Worship.
  • Culture of family - Church is family. Our desire is that you feel welcome at Christ Worship Center and that you feel at home here. We believe in the power of family.
  • Culture of Honour - We honour God first and then each other. This means that we treat God and each other in a respectful way.
  • Culture of excellence - Excellence does not mean perfection but excellence. We do our very best to get the best results in everything we do for God.

Our Team
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