Christ Worship Centre
‘people are our heart and Jesus is our message’


We are all looking for answers, for more! Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Is there a God? Who is Jesus?
Alpha is for anyone looking for the meaning of life. People who believe in God, people who don't believe, people who want to know more about faith. Alpha is for everyone!

Alpha is a series of interactive and fun gatherings. Participants discover in an accessible way what the Christian faith entails. Each Alpha starts with a meal where the participants get to know each other better. Then there is a short, inspiring introduction to the topic of that meeting. After the introduction, the participants go deeper into the topic discussed in small groups.

Alpha CWC Amsterdam is given on 12 Monday evenings and 1 Saturday. Start with a shared meal with Next Steps students at 6:00 PM.
There are no costs involved. We do ask for a contribution for the meal. 
Workbook costs: € 5.00 Meal contribution: € 7.50 p.p. per evening

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